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Monkeypox: 4 out of 10 patients may need medication for painful complications

A study was conducted at three sexual health centers in Spain, published in The Lancet. What are the most common signs of infection,...

Why men live less than women: loss of Y chromosome may offer clues

Its decrease over the years causes heart failure in men. Findings may help explain differences in life expectancyThe drug is also being tested...

Body Mathematics: The Importance of Measuring Back Skin Folds

This measurement is obtained when an anthropometry is performed and is the most representative of all fats that can be reduced. What does...

COVID-19: It is training to restore the sense of smell recommended by experts.

Combined with medical treatment and professional support, these rehabilitation therapies are the best option that people affected by anosmia can adopt. how do...

Vegan smoothies and celery juice: the health-changing effect of a 100% plant-based diet

Delfina Ferro embarked on a vegan diet that improved her weight, brightened her skin and boosted her energy levels. Now share your experience...


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