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Midnight porridge is the perfect breakfast option for busy people. Check how to make them

Oatmeal can be a wholesome meal. In addition, it is extremely easy to prepare, and its night version - even easier. Check...

Turbomines for immunity. How to prepare them?

In the autumn and winter period, it is worth taking care of supporting immunity. Michał Korczyk, a pharmacist, proposes to derive health-promoting properties...

Rapeseed oil is our national liquid gold. How to use it in the kitchen?

Most of us look a bit neglected at the oil in our dishes. This is a serious mistake, especially if we think about...

The perfect mushroom sauce – how to prepare it and serve it with?

The perfect mushroom sauce is an addition to many dishes. It can be prepared in a traditional, vegetarian or vegan version. Find...

Carrot hot dogs, kale chips or maybe oatmeal cookies? Check out the perfect recipes for school

In the kitchen of Dzień Dobry TVN Kinga Paruzel presented her recipes for unusual dishes: hot dogs with roasted carrots and popcorn, sandwiches with...


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