Donald Trump to be questioned in New York about real estate firm’s practices

The state's attorney general is investigating whether the Trump Organization is inflating property values. The former US president denies any wrongdoing and describes...




FIFA plans to advance start of 2022 Qatar World Cup: why

The Qatari team will resume playing on November 20, one day before the stipulated time.Until now, and while waiting for the new change...
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They identified a method of brain stimulation that enables the acquisition of new motor skills in old age.

Scientists at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, said a non-invasive cranial intervention to the motor cortex could improve skill learning deficits in 50% of...

History of the first case of monkeypox in Argentina: a rare symptom and 4 consultations until diagnosed

This is a monkeypox patient with no history of travel abroad. What were the warning signs to the medical team who published the...

When diet and exercise are not enough: seven mistakes of those who want to lose weight

More than one person believes they are doing it right if they restrict their meals and increase physical activity. However, the results may...

What is vasculitis, the disease in which Ashton Kutcher almost lost his sight and hearing?

The American actor explained that he has been fighting this autoimmune pathology for more than a year, which affects his sense of balance and...

“Love me as I am”: a campaign on spinal muscular atrophy to see beyond differences

It is a rare disease that causes progressive loss of muscle strength. In the month of awareness of this pathology, the families of...


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