Geneva – The richer and more masculine you are, the more powerful and polluting you are

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Posted inMarch 21, 2022 at 3:18 PM

Analysis of the car fleet at the end of the lake shows that the ecological characteristics of the vehicles are related to the income and gender of the driver.

The higher the income of a municipality’s residents, the more powerful and polluting their vehicles are. Thus, the “average” car produces 206 horses in Cologne, a symbol of locality of Geneva’s wealth, versus just 140 horses in the popular suburban municipalities Vernier, Meyrin or Onex. In terms of pollution, the differences are less (due to electrification), but they are tangible. Vehicles registered in Cologne emit an average of 170 grams of CO₂ per kilometer, while Confignon, Laconnex or Soral emit less than 150 grams of CO₂, as noted by the “Tribune de Genève”, which analyzes the car fleet at the end of the lake.

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A second lesson emerges from observations of daily life in Geneva. The gender of the driver is an explanatory factor in vehicle selection, as well as wealth. In the canton as a whole, cars registered in the male name are 20% more powerful than cars owned by women (165 horsepower versus 136 horsepower). Yoann Demoli, a professor at the National Center for Scientific Research, concludes that the automobile remains a flamboyant consumer good that serves to distinguish itself and to reveal its masculinity.

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Source From: Google News

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