Car rental: prices will rise again this summer, how to avoid paying too much?

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Due to the shortage of vehicles, car rental prices will rise again in the summer of 2022. (Karolina Grabowska / Pixabay)

Car rental prices will be particularly high in the summer of 2022 due to vehicle shortages. Between 2019 and 2021, it rose 43% globally, with even larger increases in Italy and Spain. A few good practices should be adopted to avoid too high a price.

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Car rental prices exploded during the health crisis. According to Carigami, the average daily price dropped from 32 euros in 2019 to 46 euros in 2021.

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. In total, worldwide prices rose 43%, up 85% in Spain and 104% in Italy. These rates are supposed to stay the same for the 2022 holidays, the situation of rental companies is still the same.

A difficult situation

Indeed, many brands continue to consume their existing cars after the consequences of the health crisis. To limit the impact of the tourism shutdown in 2020, many rental companies have decided to sell a large part of their fleet to quickly recover money while reducing capital costs.

But in 2021, many companies were surprised at the industry’s rapid recovery. And since then, car manufacturers have also had a hard time rebuilding their fleets as they struggle to supply new cars to rental companies. Much of the production is actually intended for direct sale to individuals.

make a reservation in advance

To avoid paying too high a price when renting a car, it is recommended to book as far in advance as possible. As a reminder, it is usually only possible to pay at pick up and cancel the reservation in case of a problem.

It is also recommended to avoid unnecessary options such as franchise payments and additional insurance. The latter often includes guarantees already included for any rental with a premium debit card. Finally, it is better not to rent your car directly at the station or airport, the prices are higher in these places.

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