VIDEO. An urban rodeo during a wedding in front of town hall in Saint-Denis: “They thought they were on the racetrack”

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Katy Bontinck, the first deputy mayor of Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), exclaims, “These people hired big cars to drive at high speed and squeak tires too close to passersby (…)”. The chosen ones filmed a noisy wedding procession on Friday afternoon, which was causing trouble in the pedestrian square in front of the town hall. The drivers of the vehicles, circling in concentric circles, slowly approaching three people in a stroller and a child, stood in the middle of the square and were paralyzed by this dangerous game.

“Beyond being irresponsible, it’s a criminal act,” adds Katy Bontinck, who immediately arrested the prosecutor to initiate an investigation. “The Jean-Jaurès place is completely pedestrian, (…) they took advantage of a faulty plot system”, the forecourt of the town hall is accessible by means of a badge. “The problem is that there are ten times more badges in circulation than official holders,” the first assistant explains.

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“The newlyweds did not come from the town hall of Saint-Denis,” says Katy Bontinck. The cameras of the city surveillance center (CSU) of the municipal police recorded all the plates corresponding to “rental cars from Poland”. They have the advantage of being more difficult to track and are generally not insured. At the end of the parade, the identities of the two drivers were checked by the police. They were not arrested.

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Source From: Google News

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