Motorcycle-specific speed limits

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40km/h less than cars with relevant controls

Discriminatory regulations on certain roads in Germany

We’ve seen motorcycles temporarily shut down in Europe in recent years. While safety issues are sometimes invoked, these restrictive measures are mainly the result of noise pollution from motorized two-wheeled vehicles and complaints of all kinds of excesses by certain users.

Germany is no stranger to this. But another type of measure was also introduced: lowering the maximum allowable speed. We’re not talking about a general reduction, as we saw in France, with the transition to 80 km/h, but a measure that targets motorcycles only.

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But is it legal to target only one category of users? Yes, this is already the case for caravans, for example, which are subject to lower restrictions in certain areas. In another record, we can talk about the ban on motorcycles in the A86 tunnel.

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Since a regulation adopted by the Federal Council in May 2020, it is now possible to prohibit the movement of certain types of vehicles or set speed limits for a variety of reasons, including protecting local residents from pollution and noise emissions.

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As a result, some roads from last summer have found lower limits for motorcycles. While various user associations have formed a common front against this regulation, criticizing this collective punishment for minority behavior, such discriminatory measures have not been lifted, on the contrary.

This summer, road 3196 connecting Steinau to Marjoß in the aforementioned Spessart region. While cars can travel at 100 km/h, motorcycles are not allowed to exceed 60 km/h.

To enforce this regulation, the police conduct regular checks there. On the first weekend of the month, at least 76 cyclists were arrested.

We hope that such regulations will not one day be copied by our dear political decision makers.

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