Breaking the air conditioner in the electric Renault Mégane: what you need to know

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During fast charging, the air conditioning compressor of the new electric Mégane may fail.

Buying a brand new model necessarily means taking the risk of running out of steam if the vehicle marks a technical and technological breakthrough for the manufacturer. The new electric Mégane therefore hardly escaped the flaws of youth.

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A few weeks after the start of deliveries, customers are affected by the failure of the air conditioning compressor. Naturally, Renault, aware of the car’s importance in the media, reacted quickly. Automobile Propre evaluates the situation.

What is failure?

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Fault conditions have been detected in the A/C compressor that may necessitate the replacement of this part. The number of cases listed is still low, around twenty at the time of writing these lines. The problem came to light with the long journeys and fierce heat of this summer. Due to the management of a valve between the battery cooling circuit and the air conditioning circuit, the air conditioning compressor can operate in vacuum and therefore be damaged.

Who is interested?

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The malfunction occurs during rapid charging of the vehicle and the air conditioner is automatically cut off. It concerns vehicles not equipped with a heat pump. Heat pump models have different air conditioning management software that eliminates the problem.

What was Renault’s reaction?

The problem became known to the dealers and therefore they were able to provide an explanation to the customers. And it was made public. Renault then issued an official statement to let customers know it “has determined that the air conditioning system is unlikely to be out of service”. And most of all it tried to limit breakage.

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What’s the solution ?

Renault states that “a remote solution will be implemented during the month of September”. You won’t have to go to a garage as the update is “wireless”.

Meanwhile, what to do?

In case of fast charging, care should be taken to keep the air conditioner on. That’s why Renault sent the procedure to prevent the air conditioner from turning off automatically after a few minutes: connect the car, start charging from the terminal and then start the air conditioner!

But be careful, you need to get on the plane, close the doors BUT do not lock while charging! If the doors are opened/closed, the air conditioner will stop after 60 seconds. Also, if the procedure is followed, the air conditioner should be restarted after 40 minutes.

This whole tedious process is not about standard charging.

Source From: Google News

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