This car is so powerful that it loses its door in a straight line!

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Zapping Autonews A Johnny Hallyday Harley Davidson auctioned during the Artcurial Retromobile 2022 sale

According to its website, this Yello Belly Strip circuit is one of the oldest in the United States. Indeed, races have been listed there since the 1950s. 70 years of drag racing is starting to do it, it’s true.

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And as a legendary piece, it inevitably welcomes big names in the discipline. That’s why this particularly well-modified Ford Maverick popped up on the starting grille.

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The least we can say is it did not disappoint anyone! In addition to its insane power and burst of speed, the American race car made its mark on today’s show.

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And rightfully so, his left door was completely detached with the accumulating speed! The stage is extremely impressive, but rest assured, no one was hurt. Even more powerful, the prepared engine won its duel step by step.

what to ventilate

When a car doesn’t have air conditioning, blowing up the door can be a more or less viable solution. And if you want our opinion, to push it this far, the air conditioner had to do one hell of a prep!

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