Used Nissan Leaf I: in our opinion, from 8,000 euros

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If it only offers limited range, this first-generation Nissan Leaf is one of the only inexpensive family electric cars.

From 2011 to 2018, from € 8,000

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Dethroned by the Tesla Model 3, The Leaf was the world’s most popular electric model for a long time.. This is the first Leaf, replaced by a new generation in 2018. not only an all-electric model, but also a real station wagonThe , 4.45 m long, sitable, 5-seater and has a real trunk (330 liters, expandable to 680 liters). next to a great driving pleasurespecific to most electric models, 80 kW (109 hp) and above all 280 Nm of torque Despite 1.510 kg, it gives sufficient performance. Its 24 kWh batteries, upgraded to 30 kWh in Stage 3 (2016), provide it with: actual average range of about 150 km. Its behavior is equivalent to that of a good thermal traction wagon; only the relative stiffness of its damping can be blamed. Similar charging timechanges in early models, From 3 hours to 12 hours at 7 kW terminal at a household outlet.

Reliability 4/5

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Good reliability overall, despite a fairly rapid loss of battery life on early models.

  • loss of autonomy The importance of using the batteries for 3 or 4 years in the first 24 kWh models.
  • “PDM” malfunctioncharges the batteries.
  • charging cable : highly fragile plug requiring cable replacement.
  • Spare partses: sometimes very long delivery times.

Announcement examples

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Video 2014 58.000 km 7.900 €
flexible vision 2016 22.000 km €9.900

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