Original: A countdown in 2CV… at Lake Neuchâtel!

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SentAugust 26, 2022 at 06:54

originalA count on 2 CVs… at Lake Neuchâtel!

Gonzague de Waresquiel, an aristocrat from the tobacco manufacturers dynasty, stands out with a very original boat: the AquaNeuch.

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When lematin.ch happens on AquaNeuch.

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Video: lematin.ch/Sébastien Anex

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You’d think it came out of a Gaston Lagaffe comic: At 46, Gonzague de Waresquiel is having fun like a kid on Lake Neuchâtel with 2 CVs… aquatic! On Thursday, in glorious weather, she boarded lematin.ch in this amphibious boat powered by an 8 hp outboard… strangely without a windshield wiper.

Mechanics are not his thing. It is the objects related to the comics that illuminate Gonzague de Waresquiel’s gaze and his soul as a collector. At a showroom in Toffen (BE), where he had habits for his car collection, he saw an aquatic 2 CV digging through his favorite safe.

For his love, the collector set the price. Where does the renamed AquaNeuch AquaDeuch come from? Probably from the Côte d’Azur, like Louis de Funès in “Le Gendarme de St-Tropez”, but the car was registered in the canton of Bern.

child life

Since a media report on August 6, Gonzague de Waresquiel no longer knows to whom to hire her 2 CVs for a 500-franc trip, primarily for weddings and bachelorette parties… young girl”, states the freshwater sailor in the name of equality. .

Equipped with five life jackets, the AquaNeuch is not 100% waterproof and can be driven without a license. “It’s our dream to get on the ship!” the kids threw it into Jeunes-Rives. “I threw the keys at them, telling them to go for a walk,” the Count says. And to add: “I like to make people happy”. Just as he likes to promote his adopted territory.

one / 4

At 46, Gonzague de Waresquiel is a big boy.

lematin.ch/Vincent Donze

This old-time collector rode on lematin.ch Thursday morning.

This old timer collector started lematin.ch Thursday morning.

lematin.ch/Vincent Donze

Departing from the port of Nid-du-Crô, head towards Neuchâtel, towards Yverdon.

Departing from the port of Nid-du-Crô, head towards Neuchâtel, towards Yverdon.

lematin.ch/Vincent Donze

His maternal grandfather was named Gérard Burrus. This tobacco producer, who died in 1997, was an undercover swindler who was a member of the Order of Malta. In the Vatican, this Catholic is said to have access to the Pope’s apartments.

Moreover, well-born, as they say, in Paris, Gonzague de Waresquiel was married in the City of Light. Binational, he is a reserve officer in the French navy after one year of military service on the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” in a submarine uniform.

for his wife

From his love for his wife, Frédérique, who was hired by a famous watchmaker and later someone else, he followed her to Neuchâtel, where the couple lived for eight years with their four children aged 3, 5, 8 and 10.

Art dealer Gonzague de Waresquiel laughs when the mail is sent to Gonzague’s “account”. He does not derive much from his aristocracy, he is easily familiar. “I’m an aristocrat, so what?” way to say. Her eyes sparkle when she evokes the commune of Boncourt and the Seleute hamlet: the collector is proud of his rural origins, even if he loves sailing on the high seas.

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