SNCF considers a “function train” to replace the car

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According to the company, a project that will allow “Respond to the challenges of sustainable development while providing advantages comparable to the company car”.

SNCF, a “function train”The TGV boss said on Tuesday that there is a formula that companies can offer their employees in 2024 instead of a company car. this idea “Respond to the challenges of sustainable development while providing advantages comparable to a company car”He drew attention to Alain Krakovitch, director of TGV-Intercités.

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“Still under construction”He told AFP. It envisions an “end-to-end offer”, “possibly as part of a mobility loan”to combine public transport – train, of course, “light mobility» and car rental. “There are a lot of individual company cars in France today, 2.8 million”explained. “This remains the most important mobility benefit companies offer their employees.”

Useless company car

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“I find it interesting to think of an alternative we can offer to companies that want to be able to offer their senior executives other solutions that better meet the growing demands of more environmentally responsible mobility.”added. “Young novices will be sensitive to this, I think.», underlined Alain Krakovitch. More generally, discussions with key accounts suggest that executives don’t necessarily have a driver’s license, find the company car useless, or “not always comfortable” He attracted attention with the idea of ​​​​having a professional vehicle, even hybrid or electric.

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The marketing department of TGV-Intercités is working on this with client companies and “BtoH” experts (between employers and employees, such as Ticket Restaurant), and has stated that it plans a staggered launch from 2024. Alain Krakovitch was to discuss this initiative on Tuesday. during the presentation “ecomobility grand prizes”It rewards companies and travel agencies contracted with SNCF with the most virtuous travel policies.

The TGV boss sparked a big controversy a few days ago by offering his services to PSG, who took the plane from Paris to Nantes, not the train. At the end of August, he had offered to think more cautiously about the establishment of the organization. “carbon allowancesfor travelers.

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