Nio ET5: Tesla’s new killer

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Revealed during Nio Day, the Nio ET5 is positioned as one of the most serious competitors of the Tesla Model 3.

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Nio proves once again that Tesla’s main competitors are Chinese. While Carlos Ghosn stressed a few days ago his lack of enthusiasm vis-à-vis the offer of historic manufacturers, Nio strikes a blow with his new ET5. Revealed this Saturday, December 18 on the occasion of Nio Day 2021, the little sister of the large ET7 sedan is in direct competition with the Model 3, Tesla’s flagship model.

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Slightly larger than the American sedan, Nio’s new electric car announces 4.79 m in length, 1.96 in width and 1.5 m in height for a wheelbase of 2.89 m. On the aesthetic side, the lines are very similar to those of the Nio ET7.

Nio ET5 Tesla Model 3
Length 4 790 mm 4 694 mm
Width 1 960 mm 1 849 mm
Height 1 499 mm 1 443 mm
Wheelbase 2 888 mm 2 875 mm
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More than 1,000 km of autonomy

Configured in all-wheel drive, the Nio ET5 has two electric motors: 150 kW at the front and 210 kW at the arrival. The whole thing develops up to 360 kW (480 hp) and 700 Nm of torque. In terms of performance, Nio announces a 0 to 100 km / h shot in 4.3 seconds in Sport + mode (5.9 s in sport mode).

On the battery part, the manufacturer offers three packs: 75, 100 or 150 kWh. Autonomy thus varies from 550 km for the “small” battery to 1,000 km for the one with the highest capacity.

Drums Autonomy
75 kWh 550 km
100 kWh 700 km
150 kWh 1000 km

First deliveries in September 2022

Delivered with the latest features of the manufacturer, including the Nio Autonomous Driving (NAD), the Nio ET5 will begin deliveries in China from September 2022.

In terms of prices, the manufacturer announces a base price of 258,000 RMB (36,000 €) for the basic version with the battery exchange system requiring an additional subscription. In full purchase and before granting of subsidies, the price starts at 328,000 RMB (45,800 €).

Nio ET7, battery exchange and development in Europe

If the Nio ET5 was the star of the event, the manufacturer has also communicated new information on the ET7. Presented at the start of the year, the large sedan will begin deliveries on March 28, 2022. In recent months, the manufacturer has optimized the model with the integration of some twenty additional features and technical optimizations that have made it possible to ” improve acceleration (0 to 100 km / h is now cut in 3.8 seconds) and the drag coefficient (0.208).

The expansion of the network of battery exchange stations was also mentioned. By the end of 2022, Nio is aiming for a target of 1,300 stations deployed on Chinese territory.

Nio battery exchange stationNio battery exchange station

Nio finally addressed the issue of its deployment in Europe. While 2021 marked the brand’s debut in Norway, Nio confirms for 2022 its arrival in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. By 2025, Nio intends to be present in more than 25 countries around the world.

Source From: Google News

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