Aigle – Despite the Covid, the desire to shout “cardboard” will have been too tempting

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Posted2 January 2022, 16:51

One of the first lotos organized on Vaud soil in 2022 was a hit this Sunday afternoon. Despite the obligation to have a health pass in 2G mode, the adrenaline was the strongest.

For more than a decade, people have come from far and wide to play the lottery at Aigle, on 2 January. Traditionally, the event attracts followers of the quine, the double quine and cardboard from the entire canton of Vaud, Bas-Valais and evenin the region of Sion. «Whatever the organizing companies, we got used to coming here, cMaud confirms, a resident of Cossonay. It’s like a ritual at the start of the year.»

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The obligation to present a health pass in 2G mode (cured, vaccinated) and the free choice to wear a mask will not have slowed down the enthusiasm. So much so that the 636 places in the Halle des Glariers found a taker shortly before 2 p.m. “Yes expected me a 20 to 30% drop in attendance», admet Evelyne Neji, the president of the Union of local societies of Aigle (USLA). “For my part, it’s been two or three nights that I slept badly for fear of finding myself with too many prizes,” admits, relieved, Adrien Lüthi, the president of the shooting company l’Avenir. “With the new restrictions that may be announced, we have chosen, with my grandchildren, to come and play today, rather than at the end of January, as planned,” admits a retiree from the place.

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This influx is also explained by the quality of earnings above the average. If the cantonal law on the lotos obliges the organizers to invest 30% of their sales of subscriptions, in Aigle, this part reaches 50%. A choice that has certainly paid off for many years. “It’s true that here there are always good lots,” admits a septuagenarian who would not have missed the appointment for the world.

A white year

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«Winter last, we had chosen to cancel all the lotos, for a question of fairness, although some might not have been touches through some sanitary measures», recalls Evelyne Neji. A situation that has impacted the USLA, which manages the bars and the 28 companies organizing one of the lotos, without any of them running out of cash. “For the vast majority of our companies, this is one of the main cash inflows,” confirms Adrien Lüthi.

A rather impressive accumulation

During the 2019-2020 season, an overall turnover of 730,000 francs had been accumulated during the ten double lotto (one is organized in the afternoon, the other in the evening) scheduled for the first ten weekends of the year (as for 2022). By themselves, those of January 2 had reached 125,000 francs in gross turnover (equaled 2017 record) for some 60,000 francs in net profit to be shared between three local companies.

In this first weekend of January, two other lotos took place on Vaudois soil: in this case in Yverdon-les-Bains (Saturday) and in Nyon (Sunday). The one still planned in Yverdon-les-Bains, this Sunday, has been canceled.

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