Glovo accumulates more than 300 open cases in the world

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The Glovo home delivery platform accumulates more than 300 open cases in the world, including lawsuits for the labor of delivery men and other open fronts for violating data protection rights, consumer rights, payment irregularities and practices against free competence. This follows from the Glovo share purchase agreement signed between 20 investment funds and directors of Delivery Hero, the German group that has taken 80% of the Catalan firm, founded by Oscar Pierre and Sacha Michaud.

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The document you have access to The vanguard, baptized with the name of Project Crown, reveals that in Spain the company has faced 172 legal cases in relation to the employment of riders. (Since the summer, a law obliges them to be recognized as wage earners). The contract also indicates that the company has received 54 reports from the Labor Inspection and 28 inspections. According to the document, Glovo owes more than 6 million to Social Security, although this is not the total amount because there are unspecified amounts. In Spain, Glovo has also been investigated by the Spanish Data Protection Authority for violating the privacy of users. ridersamong other similar causes.

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Abroad, lawsuits abound regarding the employment status of delivery men. In Italy, it faces 21 lawsuits on this issue. Most cases are still open (Glovo almost always chooses to appeal), he has lost two and won one. In this country, the firm has also faced investigations in relation to the “sanitary conditions of the riders during confinement, irregularities in a kitchen and a super ghost, sale of medicines or a fine of 2.6 million for violating data protection”, always according to the same document. In Portugal, the firm has been under investigation since 2019 by the labor authority because of the relationship it has with self-employed couriers. In this country, it has also received complaints from the Organization for the Defense of Consumer Rights for anti-competitive practices.

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Most are due to the ‘riders’ but also due to irregularities in payments, data protection and competition

In Brazil and Argentina, countries where Glovo operated until September 2020, the company faces similar litigation, individual lawsuits from delivery men who want to be employees. In Argentina, the company faces 12 and in Brazil, 19. It highlights the case of a delivery woman who asks for compensation because she moved from Brazil to Portugal under the promise that she would get a job upon arrival. The Rio court sentenced Glovo, who has appealed the decision.

In Eastern Europe, the case of the National Bank of Serbia stands out, which ensures that Glovo uses an unregulated payment method, charges in foreign currencies and delays the delivery of mandatory reports. The firm awaits your request.

In Poland, where the company has a technological headquarters, Glovo has been required to pay a pension plan to workers (mandatory by law) and has also been accused of having violated consumer rights by changing orders without their consent, not applying properly discounts or not returning money erroneously charged. The fine could be more than 2 million.

In Croatia, Glovo is being investigated by the Competition Agency and is also facing accident claims. Especially noteworthy is the running over of a pedestrian by a delivery man. And, in the Ivory Coast, the firm is facing an unfair competition lawsuit from a competitor.

Asked by this newspaper, the company has preferred not to make any assessments in this regard.

Source: Lavanguardia

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