Honda and Sony will produce electric cars together

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It has been announced for a while: sony will enter electric car market. The electronics giant even presented two prototypes to show your intention. A few months ago, we wondered if Sony would adopt more. stance related to Providerlike bosch and Continentquite simply because during the presentation two concepts (two years apart), there is not a single information not disclosed on battery orautonomy. Therefore, caution is required.

Ours Reserve seems ever since to be confirmed today, since sony has just announced its intention to create a ” strategic alliance » with Japanese manufacturer Honda It is famous for its high quality automobiles as well as for its motorcycles or lawnmowers. Honda is therefore a highly reliable buildercurrently onlyone 100% electric model range (Honda e), but its sales are very disappointing. And this explains: car a city dweller Dear and whoseautonomy it is enough annoyed.

A new era with Sony

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sony car

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this joint venture declared to be fulfilled by 2025, in its statement, will focus on “high quality battery electric vehicles”. The two companies plan to develop and sell them together. jointly from ” mobility services In the announcement, Honda said it will produce the first Honda-Sony car, sony will enliven mobility services platform. this rollers it looks like it already well defined.

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“Thanks to this alliance Together with Honda, Sony plans to develop its vision of making the mobility space an emotional space,” said CEO Kenichiro Yoshida. “While Sony and Honda have many historical and cultural similarities, our Technological specializations are very different.. Therefore, by joining forces of our two companies“I think this alliance will open tremendous possibilities for the future of mobility,” said Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe.

Vision S02 Sony

As a reminder, Honda always a pioneer between technology have. The Japanese were one of the first brands to develop. cars active hydrogen (with fuel cells). However, we are a witness said paradigm shiftobviously with electric cars mostly battery operated. As a result and like others, Honda will focus on BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) models in the future.

From here 2040automaker’s entire product range 100% electricity. Honda says it will make major investments for these purposes over the next six years.

Source From: Google News

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