Louane from TF1’s “Visions” series: “I’m less of a comedy than a song.”

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The singer released on “The Voice” will soon be the coach of the “Kids” version of Telecrochet.

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She didn’t win voice In 2013, she is the biggest winner of the season. Louane is an important figure in French songs today, and she is also gradually establishing her position as a confirmed actress. After she shot in three movies for the cinema Aries family She won her Cesar for the best female wishes in 2015 and is now the heroine of the television series.She plays Sarah, a pediatric psychiatrist vision In TF1, a thriller with a wonderful background.

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It all starts with the disappearance of a little girl during a birthday party. Eight-year-old young Diego has a flash at this party Sarah tries to decipher: “We and I are totally different. She’s calm, a little understated, calm. She’s a calm but unsoothing woman. Of course, I’m restless. Calm, it’s It depends on the day. “Louane says in franceinfo. Meanwhile, she found something in common with Diego, a child with a moderate gift, and she was diagnosed with hyperactivity a few years ago: “The difference is what I know very well. It’s a strength, and that’s what my character is trying to make Diego’s character understand. The difference isn’t a flaw, but on the contrary, it looks at the world differently. , Sometimes you can do incredible things. “” Luang says.

“My life is wonderful! To be honest, I’m very lucky. I realized my dream as a little girl by becoming a singer. I’m full of gratitude for it every day. It’s me Never leave. I’m really, really happy. “


on franceinfo

Luang, who is passionate about her profession, is even more passionate about comedy. “I don’t want to quit. I want to shoot more. But I think it’s a game, so I can breathe. Even with hard work, movies and series aren’t as crazy as movies and series. I play music. When making “.. Luang insists. Louane, who is currently in the studio to record her fourth album, also recorded the first episode of her next season. Voice kidsWhere she becomes a coach for the first time: “What a wonderful experience. It’s very cool to do it with kids. I admit I was looking for a bit of my legitimacy at first. I’m a singer, not a teacher. It’s a broadcast. I will do a sequel by the end of the year. “ Luang concludes.

Source: Francetvinfo

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