UNUSUAL: in Cuesmes, this family store only opens 2 months a year for the Christmas holidays

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In Cuesmes, in Hainaut, a family business was launched 29 years ago, and the success is still there. It must be said that the concept is original: a pop-up store entirely devoted to Christmas and which therefore only opens two months a year.

For the Naizi, Christmas is a family affair. Jean and his wife launched a store entirely dedicated to this celebration 29 years ago. Today it is their youngest who has taken over the reins of the company. “Delphine, she was born in it“, says Jean Naizy.”As it was the last, she lived in the cradle, with the garlands, the balls, she played with. She broke some, too. “

For 3 years, Delphine has been the boss of this store near Mons. But her parents continue to work with her on a daily basis. “We’re not going to leave her alone!“exclaims his father.”As we like Christmas, we come to give it a big hand. “ For Delphine, “customers are also used to“to be around his parents.”They are part of the walls. If they come, it’s for the atmosphere, but also to see my parents. “

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The family atmosphere is good for customers, especially in this time of health crisis. “You feel the family warmth when you walk into the store“, comments a customer.”Here, we are not a number“, confirms another.”And it’s nice.

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The store only opens two months a year, but all year long Delphine and her parents browse the fairs, unearth new products and prepare for this period, the most beautiful in their eyes.

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