Canton of Bern – He fights all the way to court to defend his chandeliers in the car

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Posted22 December 2021, 13:46

The Bernese justice has ruled: a retiree will not have to remove his lamps from his car, as long as he turns them off when driving. The septuagenarian said he was relieved.

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It is not known what type of chandelier the man installed in his vehicle.

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From time to time courts have to deal with wacky cases. Latest example: a trial that took place Tuesday at the Bernese Regional Court. A 74-year-old retiree found himself in court for appealing against two fines. The police had indeed sanctioned the septuagenarian twice for having installed three chandeliers in his car as a decoration, reports Wednesday, the “Berner Zeitung”.

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Questioned by the judge, the man first fought against the first of the two fines, amounting to 250 francs. He managed to prove that during the check, the police told him that it was enough to install some kind of visual protection not to distract other road users. Thing he had done.

The judge therefore decided to cancel the first fine. She nevertheless estimated that he should pay the second fine of 150 francs. She also decided: the chandeliers can remain in the car as long as they remain off while it is driving. Even covered, they would be too distracting for other road users when lit, she said.

The retiree, who will ultimately have to pay 450 francs if we take into account the costs of the proceedings, is nevertheless satisfied with the verdict. After praising the fact that the case was handled by a woman, “probably more understanding than a man at that level”, he simply said: “Send me a payment slip.”

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