Bad news for 700 workers in Seraing: Liberty Steel will not help its subsidiary in Belgium

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Bad news for Liberty Steel workers in Seraing. The steel group announced this week that it will not financially help its Liège subsidiary. He abandoned the stimulus plan. A blow for the some 700 workers: we are now heading towards liquidation.

In the fall, Liberty Steel negotiated a job retention plan with 700 workers rescued. This Thursday, an extraordinary works council swept everything away. “We were told that the commitments made within the framework of financial support from the Liberty group vis-à-vis the Liège site would not be respected.“, told us Jordan Atanasov, regional secretary of the CSC Météa.”They still have two months to pay the salaries, and then there will be no more money in Liège“, said Jean-Luc Lallemand, regional secretary of FGTB Métal.

We are clearly led from the start

The company is now on the brink. The British industrial giant no longer wants to inject the ten million euros needed to maintain activity in the Liège basin. “We have clearly been led by boat from the start, with very little means of action. It is true that we have done everything, at least at the trade union level, to avoid these bankruptcy filings and this liquidation. Today, this scenario is strengthening“Jordan Atanasov told us.

It’s been two years since Liberty was created in Liège and we’ve been in difficulties for two years

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The Liège factories have been shut down for several months, workers in economic unemployment and frequent departures. About a hundred workers have already left their posts for another job. “It’s been two years since Liberty was created in Liège and we’ve been in trouble for two years. The staff are now choosing to voluntarily leave the company to try their luck elsewhere, because they no longer have much faith in the future of the company.“, explained Jean-Luc Lallemand.

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Paradoxically, the price of steel has never been so high, but without raw materials, it is difficult to run the factory. The Liège industrial area is having a complicated end to the year and the future looks more uncertain than ever.

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