James Franco, first statements after being accused of sexual misconduct – The Inquirer ????????

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This summer, Franco agreed to pay more than $ 2 million to settle a lawsuit in which he was accused by former students of sexual misconduct.

In Jess Cagle’s podcast, he spoke about the charges against him and his addiction issues.

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“In 2018 there were a few complaints about me and an article about me. At the time, I thought “I’ll shut up”. I’m going to take a break. It didn’t seem like the right time to say anything. There were people who were angry with me and I needed to listen to them, ”Franco said.

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Five women accused Franco and his associates in January 2018 of sexually inappropriate and abusive behavior. Four of them were alumni of his theater school, Studio 4, which was closed. Two of them filed a lawsuit in 2019, and this summer Franco paid $ 2,235,000 as a settlement, $ 894,000 going to the plaintiffs and the rest in a common fund for the rest of the trial participants.

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James Franco – known for films like “127 Hours”, “The Distaster Artist” and “The Deuce” – said that after the allegations came to light he worked hard for change and received treatment for the disease. addiction that helped him overcome his addiction problems.

“I used the healing experience to start examining and changing who I was,” he said.

He also referred to comments made in May by Seth Rogen, a frequent collaborator of his, that he does not plan to work with James Franco again. He said Rogen’s statement was accurate and that he doesn’t want Rogen or anyone to be held accountable for his actions.

Source From: Google News

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