Sarah Fraisou transformed, internet users react to her weight loss and tackle her

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Sarah Fraisou

Posted by Vanessa R on December 31, 2021 at 7:00 p.m..

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Internet users reacted to Sarah Fraisou’s latest Instagram post. All the details here.

For several days, Sarah Fraisou has been talking about her on social networks because of her argument with Ahmed. On reminds you that the young man swung at his ex and the latter did not fail to answer him. Sarah Fraisou then declared: “Me, my tongue is not going to stick. I’m telling you. Nobody knows what I went through. Before, I thought I had come across narcissistic perverts and manipulators. But here we have reached the pinnacle! I’m going tell you details, my mother’s head, you will fall from a height. I closed my mouth too much, I wanted to think about others and protect too much. Who protected me? (…) If this nobody allows me to pass for the bad one … Hold on my big one! “.

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This time, if Sarah Fraisou made the buzz on social networks, it is following the last photo she has just posted on her Instagram account. In this shot, the young woman appears in a tight dress of brown color. And Internet users did not hesitate to react to his weight loss. They accuse Sarah Fraisou of having retouched her photo a little too much. For them, the pretty brunette does not really take responsibility for photoshoping so much her pictures.

Internet users react to Sarah Fraisou’s photo

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Among the many comments that were posted, we read: “On snap, it’s not the same body seriously. It’s not the same. You have to dose the retouching (…) Thank you for the photo retouching pff (…) Photoshop to mooort (…) Too much retouched, too redone, unnatural (…) Retouch x300 mdr and on Snap, it is all puffy (…) You retouch your photos a little too much, nothing to do with snap (…) Retouched photos ( …) It will be necessary to succeed in dosing on the retouching of your photos “. Messages that have not yet made Sarah Fraisou react. But we imagine that she will not fail to answer them!

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