Complaint against Prince Andrew – prosecution wants testimony from woman at London disco

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According to the lawyers, Shukri Walker “claims to have seen Prince Andrew in the Tramp nightclub in London with a young girl”, at the time of the alleged sexual abuse denounced by Virginia Giuffre.

The lawyers of the American who accuses British Prince Andrew of sexual assault want to obtain the testimony of a woman who, according to them, saw him in a London nightclub with a “young girl” at the time of the events, according to US court documents.

“Highly relevant” testimonial

The councils of Virginia Giuffre also want to be questioned, as part of their complaint in the United States, a former adviser to the second son of Queen Elizabeth.

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In a letter to New York Judge Lewis Kaplan, lawyer Sigrid McCawley asks the UK to seek the testimony of Shukri Walker.

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The latter “claims to have seen Prince Andrew in the Tramp nightclub in London with a young girl, around the time the complainant claims to have been abused by Prince Andrew in London after being at the Tramp”, writes the lawyer. “As Prince Andrew denied meeting the complainant or being at the Tramp during this time, Ms Walker’s evidence is highly relevant,” she added.

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Virginia Giuffre, a 38-year-old American now living in Australia, accuses the prince of sexual assault in 2001 in London, when she was 17.

Other requested interrogations

Last summer, she filed a complaint in New York accusing her of having been one of the powerful friends to whom the sulphurous financier Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in prison in 2019, would have delivered her so that he sexually abuses her. Prince Andrew has just failed to have the civil complaint dismissed.

Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers also want to obtain the testimony of Robert Olney, a former assistant to the prince, believing that he has “relevant information” about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

For their part, in another letter, Andrew’s counsel claim to want to interview Robert Giuffre, the complainant’s husband, who also lives in Australia. They also want to hear from his psychologist Judith Lightfoot about what Virginia Giuffre may have told him.

The prince’s lawyers believe that the complainant “could suffer from false memories”.

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