Elsa Lunghini, Clotilde in Here Everything Begins, makes revelations about the rest of the episodes

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Here It All Begins

Posted by ophelie-rv on January 29, 2022 at 1:47 p.m..

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What do the next episodes of the series Here Everything Begins have in store for us? Elsa Lunghini who plays the role of Clotilde, gives us some revelations. On the program: Big tensions between Laetitia and Clotilde.

For a few days in Here Everything Begins we have been witnessing a real turnaround. This week, we discovered that a new baby was going to be at the heart of the plots of future episodes of the series. But then, what will happen next? Since Guillaume learned of Clotilde’s pregnancy, he finds himself in a very delicate position. He forms a real love triangle with Clotilde and Laetitia. Until a few days ago, it was impossible for Guillaume to choose between his wife or his mistress. During yesterday’s episode, new adventures appeared. SPOILER: In the next episodes, great tensions will emerge!

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We could see it in the last episodes of Here Everything Begins, when Laetitia learned of Clotilde’s pregnancy, the young woman hastened to confront her lover’s wife. An additional quarrel which is added to the table. Since yesterday, a new secret has emerged: Clotilde learns that her pregnancy test was a false positive. Guillaume has finally made his choice and announces to Clotilde that he wants to raise the child with her. Clotilde does not tell the truth to her husband and lies to him. Elsa Lunghini, who plays Clotilde, has made revelations about the sequel to the adventures of this infernal trio …

Clotilde vs Laetitia, which of the two women will win the battle?

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During a recent interview, Elsa Lunghini reveals that great tensions will emerge within the series Here Everything Begins. “Clotilde is ready to do anything to win back Guillaume. She has been doing what she can since the start of the series: she lies, she manipulates…” She also adds: “There is violence from one to the other. Nerves will crack, things will go far and it will be a fight”. We even learn that Kelly, Laetitia’s daughter will play an important role: Clotilde’s relationship with Kelly is sincere. She likes him in the institute, because he is a good student. Of course, she’s going to use her because she doesn’t want her to betray her secret, but Clotilde has nothing against Kelly”. After these revelations, we quickly understand that next week promises to be rich in emotions at the Auguste Armand Institute!

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