CR7, Nutella… Here are the most unlikely first names marital status bans

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Parents demanded to call their children “CR7”. Frankly and very fortunately, marital status for the newborn refused.

The law is clear, the first name may be unconventional, but it should not be against the child’s best interests (ridiculous or vulgar) and should respect someone else’s right to have their last name preserved (like a celebrity’s). Editor’s Note).

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Obviously, if the registrar cannot refuse the chosen name, he can still apply to justice and inform the Public Prosecutor, who may ask the family court judge to remove the name from the civil registry.

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And luckily, marital status stands on the grain… Some kids have escaped the worst! In 2009, parents were banned from naming their children Being called Titeuf, Asterix, Spirou or SpongeBob is also out of the question. As for the star-studded tributes, MJ, like Michael Jackson’s initials, was rejected in 2012 (it just happened to be Jean).

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CR7 (pseudonym of football player Cristiano Ronaldo), Griezmann Mbappé (only possible in Chile), Prince-William or Metallica are not welcome.

Lucifer (possibly the influence of the series) is also an unwelcome person!

Other incompatibilities that have been rejected in recent years include Nutella, Manhattan, Daisygual (no comment), Strawberry, Excel or Anomalie (no comment), Anal (no comment), and Mini Cooper.


Source From: Google News

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