“Inventing Anna”: Here’s the amount Anna Delvey received for the rights to the series

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“Discovering Anna” tells the story of Anna Delvey, née Sorokin, a supposedly wealthy German heiress who joins New York’s elite and defrauds many people. In order for Netflix to tell this story, Anna Delvey had to pay her for the adaptation rights.

If the Netflix miniseries was based on the press article “How Anna Delvey Fooled New York’s Party People” (literally: How Anna Delvey Fooled Her New York Party), written by American journalist Jessica Pressler, the platform streaming form also had to pay. money to the scammer himself.

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Indeed, in order to romantically tell Anna Delvey’s story, Netflix had to pay her no less than $320,000 (about 280,000 euros), Insider revealed. Anna Delvey, who is currently in jail for various crimes including fraud, theft and fraud, was unable to receive the full amount.

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Priority in debt repayments

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You should know that a certain law is in effect in New York State: the “Son of Sam” law. Second, it forbids a criminal to profit from his crimes. Anna Delvey is no exception to this rule.

He couldn’t immediately get the rights paid for by Netflix and production company Shondaland (producer of “Grey’s Anatomy”, “How to Get Away With Murder”, “Scandal” and even “The Bridgertons Chronicle”) because the judge blocked it. accounts since May 2019.

However, the total was eventually released to allow Anna Delvey to repay all her debts and pay compensation. Thus, $199,000 was used to pay the various banks that were defrauded, $24,000 to pay their fines, and $75,000 to pay their attorney’s fees.

As such, he had $22,000 left on the rights he received, knowing that attorney fees could be higher once legal proceedings are complete.

Source From: Google News

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