‘Liberty Captured’ – Help Raducanu

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The English court reported Wednesday that a 35-year-old man who followed tennis player Emma Raducanu to her home in London was banned from approaching the surprise winner of the last US Open for five years.

Emma Raducanu is breathing better.


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Amrit Magar, a former delivery boy, had visited the 19-year-old’s home three times between November and December 2021. There she had decorated a tree and left him a bouquet of flowers with a card emphasizing that she “deserves love.”

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Hailing from north-east London, he also sent the British champion a drawing to show the ’23 miles’ (37 km) he walked to his home south east of the city.

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According to the court in Bromley (south east London), Emma Raducanu felt that “her freedom was taken away and she had to constantly look over her shoulder to make sure it wasn’t taken away from her”. Follow.

Mr Magar, who was convicted of harassment last month, received a five-year ban on Wednesday from approaching the champion.

Therefore, she has no right to contact Emma Raducanu or her family, come within a mile of her street or go to a sports field or training where she competes.

According to prosecutor Denise Clewes, the world 12th WTA-ranked tennis player is “very worried when she goes out” and “his parents are reluctant to leave her outside alone”.

Mr. Magar was arrested after the athlete’s father, whose presence was notified via a security camera, noticed he had lost a sneaker he had left outside.

Mr. Magar told officials that he was impressed “by Raducanu’s reputation after his victory at the US Open” and bought the basketball “as a souvenir”, believing it belonged to the young woman.

Raducanu has a tough start to the season on the courts. He was eliminated in the second round of the Australian Open in mid-January, unable to finish the replay due to a left hip injury at the Guadalajara tournament in Mexico on Tuesday.


Source From: Google News

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