Marianna Briançon, Miss France Agricole 2022: “Show that women are as talented as men”

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Yes she’s beautiful, yes she takes pictures and exposes herself on her social networks but sorry, Marianna Briançon doesn’t look like the young woman who looks “clicking”. 26 years old, Haut-Alpine elected Miss France Agricole 2022 Among the 200 candidates on December 12. After the first “public vote” on Facebook, the jury unanimously named him the winner.

Marianna Briançon, guest of France Bleu Provence on Friday, February 25th at 06:45.

Young woman growing inside Veynes (Hautes-Alpes), on its territory Buech Springs, agrees to be the representative of women farmers. That’s why she even entered this contest. ” I want to show that women are as skilled in agriculture as men. “, Marianna explained during her application and “_que_can be feminine while being a peasant! “. Young woman takes on her new fame: ““I try to talk about agriculture and women in agriculture as much as possible,” she said.

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Marianna, the daughter of a farmer, did not always consider following the same path. She even started communication studies. But his passion caught up with him: today he went on to pursue other studies to get a professional diploma in agribusiness management, which later will allow him. move in with his father to family sheep farming management. “I always knew my father with his sheep, I didn’t want to do it at first because I know the difficulties, I experienced it (…) but I came back to earth after working in an office!”.

Marianna will be appearing at the Salon de l’Agriculture this year in her miss scarf, which she will officially receive on Sunday, and all eyes will be on her. Opportunity to represent Hautes-Alpes and women farmers.

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