Shots of Euphoria: Hell according to the extras

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Posted inMarch 7, 2022 at 13:20

The people hired to appear on the HBO series opposed the toxic working conditions.

Zendaya plays Rue, the protagonist of “Euphoria.”

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Eddy Chen/HBO

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If being an extra on a popular TV show of the decade, “Euphoria,” seemed like a dream job, it seems more like a nightmare. In any case, that’s what many relied on The Daily Beast site, denouncing the horrific shooting conditions.

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According to these people, it may be because the workday lasts almost eighteen hours and the extras of the series aimed at a conscious audience are treated as objects. “I know I wasn’t the most important person on set, but I got to the point where I was allowed to take a bath and didn’t wait for thirty minutes. It was as if we as humans didn’t exist,” one of them recalled.

Another added that during filming the disorder was complete and no one seemed to know what they were doing: “After fourteen hours of work, we were told that this was the final scene and that after dinner it would all be over. We ate, waited about two and a half hours, and went back to the set. Nobody was happy to be there.”

Contacting The Daily Beast, HBO said that its priority is the health of the cast and crew, and that the production of fiction befitting anti-drug groups complies with all safety regulations and all enacted protocols. The Screen Actors Guild – Federation of American Television and Radio Artists, a union. “It’s not unusual for drama series filming to be complicated. “Covid-related protocols are an additional challenge,” he said.


Source From: Google News

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