Netflix premieres a final season of ‘The last kingdom’ that promises “a lot of death”

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the followers of the last kingdom they can be prepared: this Wednesday the fifth season of the series lands in the Netflix catalog, which is also the end of the story. And, according to James Northcote, who plays Aldhem, it’s time to get psyched up: “There will be a lot of death in the fifth season. And this is exciting because with death also comes drama.”

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According to the London actor, “fans of the series will be shocked” because there will be many surprises, a feeling that Emily Cox, who plays Brida, also had: “When I read the scripts for the first time I was like: “I didn’t think to nothing that this was going to happen””. The advantage of the seasons written as the last ones is that they no longer have anything to lose when it comes to liquidating key characters.

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In case of the last kingdom is similar to that of The Money Heist: A series started by a mainstream TV channel that Netflix went on to exclusively produce. Initially it was conceived for the British channel BBC Two, which broadcast the first two seasons in 2015 and 2017. It was a curious proposal that adapted the novels of The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell, halfway between historical fiction and pure and simple fiction.

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It told of the tense relationship that was established between the Vikings who arrived in Great Britain and the Anglo-Saxons. And, seeing the fantastic reception that the episodes had on Netflix, the platform decided to produce a third season that gave rise to a fourth and a fifth, which has a total of ten episodes.

The initial plan of Stephen Butchard, the creator of the last kingdomwas always to produce five seasons of the series because there were ten installments of The Saxon Stories when it arrives on Netflix. As he adapted two books each season, it was time to close the beach bar after finishing the fifth. The platform repeated with the last kingdom the strategy of The Money Heist: three seasons produced exclusively for the platform and outside. Or, well, almost out.

Because, unlike the Professor, the last kingdom will have a short continuation: the film Seven Kings Must Die, a two-hour production that is being shot this year and should be released at the end of 2022 or directly in 2023. Which cast members will participate in it? First it will be time to see who survives the final pickle. And could it continue beyond this first film? Material is not lacking: Cornwell has already written three new books that will not have been adapted in the series.

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