Broons: Du Guesclin’s statue disturbs, will be removed

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published April 1, 22, 14:19

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Du Guesclin’s statue has been enthroned in front of the church in the town hall square since 2019. ©Pascal Lemercier
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This is why the residents of Broons will no longer see the shadowy gaze of the Du Guesclin statue reminding them of the medieval knight’s local origins.

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The town hall decided to remove it, thus responding to many criticisms from local residents since its installation in 2019.

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“It’s impossible to sleep on windy days,” says the 75-year-old resident, who prefers to name him.

A high-pitched whistle at night

When there is wind, it runs between the ax and the statue’s arm, but also between its helmet and leg, which creates a high-pitched whistle for the inhabitants at night. During the day, it would go unnoticed with ambient noise.

Facing repeated criticism, the town hall decided to dethrone Du Guesclin. Elected officials ensure he finds a new place where his famous ghost won’t wake anyone up. He dreams of a city councilman, but it’s the city council that will decide in the coming months.

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