Richard Berry’s wife slapped stepdaughter Coline in court

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SentApril 3, 2022 at 11:51

Jeane Manson’s lawsuit against the actor’s daughter began unexpectedly on Friday, April 1…

Richard Berry with his wife Pascale Louange. They have been married since 2016.

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Since April 1, the Aurillac court in France has been examining singer Jeane Manson’s complaint against Coline Berry. He accuses his ex-wife of insulting him. Actress claims her ex-stepmother was involved in sexual assault against her when she was younger and in a relationship with her father, Richard Berry. The first day of the trial was determined by the actor’s current wife, Pascale Louange, who lost her temper.

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Indeed, a journalist from BFMTV reported an incident on his Twitter feed. After detailing all the interventions of the day, she explained that there was a shift between the two women. “During the defense, an incident occurred just before the defense argument: Richard Berry’s current partner slapped Coline Berry after she insulted him… in court…” he wrote.

Complaint made

Facts also reported by “Ouest-France”, which states that Pascale Louage voluntarily stood up and slapped Coline Berry. “Violence has no place in this enclosure,” Coline’s lawyer, Me Karine Shebabo, said outside the room. “Insult is violence,” replied Pascale Louage, supported by her husband. Following this criticized gesture, Coline Berry’s lawyer filed a complaint with the Aurillac police station on behalf of her client. “In twenty years at the bar, I had never seen it. Revealing the truth is the whole challenge of incest victims: One has to knock on the door to silence them,” he assured.

The defamation lawsuit filed by Jeane Manson is currently pending. The hearing was adjourned to 14 April. The singer, who denies all charges, is demanding compensation of 250,000 euros. The trial of Richard Berry, accused of raping and sexually assaulting a minor, continues.

Source From: Google News

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