VIDEO. Jumps onto a boat from a bridge over the Saône in Lyon

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With Theo Zuili
It was published July 19, 22, 11:22

News Lyon

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On Monday, July 18, a person running on the roof of a passing boat was seen jumping from a bridge into the Saône. A prohibited action cannot be reproduced. (©Capture Facebook DR)
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Facts cannot be reproduced. A video posted to Facebook shortly before 10 PM on Monday, July 18, shows a person landing on a sailing boat in the Saône from the Saint-Vincent footbridge in Lyon’s 1st district.

A tragedy averted

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This person, according to our knowledge, would do this act “for fun, just for fun, not for fame, but for fun”.

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Without thinking about the dangers he was exposed to, the man left the deck to land on the roof of the boat, run there for a few seconds, and jumped into the water and attended “a snack with his friends.”

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While a tragedy was averted in the action, the person was not injured. However, it must be remembered that forbidden Bathing on the Saône as on the Rhône in Lyon and his life was in danger.

As the dramas recur on these rivers, other empty spaces near Lyon are reserved for them in a completely legal and safe manner.

Boat propellers and hulls, currents, and objects lying at the bottom of waterways are deadly threats to careless swimmers.

There are many risks of drowning, sometimes due to unexpected and very strong currents, difficult ascents from shores or even poor visibility under water making any rescue difficult.

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