How did Britney Spears find out about her sister Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy?

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Britney Spears’ tutelage is about to be lifted after several years of fighting. The singer, who has been repeatedly disappointed with Jamie Lynn Spears, could not support her when she got pregnant. She reportedly learned of her sister’s pregnancy through the media.

Britney Spears et Jamie Lynn Spears en froid ?

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For several years, Britney Spears has been fighting to regain her freedom and no longer be under the tutelage of her father. His relentlessness proved him right since Jamie Spears has been dismissed from his post last September. If she will be able to regain her private life in a few days, the international star will still be placed under her financial supervision until the judge’s next decision next December.

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Britney Spears’ fight was particularly long and trying. It also had an impact on her family life, since she admits not having been able to count on his own when she was at its worst. She especially suffered a lot from the absence of her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears.

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Britney is very, very angry and hurt. She has the impression that Jamie Lynn totally abandoned her and let down in the fight of her lifeE! News announced last October. In fact, several years ago, Britney Spears found out that her sister was pregnant through the media.

Jamie Lynn Spears never announced her pregnancy to her sister

At the age of 16, Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant after already having a successful acting career. The one who played in “Zoey 101”, unfortunately could not tell her sister about her pregnancy and was influenced by her team.

“My team thought everyone outside the inner circle was a potential threat. They went so far as to hide my pregnancy from my sister, saying: ‘It’s too risky to tell Britney about the baby‘, she said with regret in her memories “Things I Should Have Said“. While lost, Jamie Lynn needed her big sister more than ever.”They feared that her instability at that time would not make her trustworthy“, she added.

At this time, Britney Spears was fighting her own demons and moving away from her family. Nonetheless, she felt very sorry when she found out about her sister’s pregnancy in the press. Britney learned of the pregnancy when the article was published. To this day the pain of not being able to tell my sister myself haunts me“, confided Jamie Lynn Spears. In fact, according to the latter, her parents pressured her to have an abortion – something she refused to do. Finally, it was in June 2008 that she gave birth. to his daughter, Maddie.

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