9 Celebrity Deaths That Shocked Old Hollywood

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From the sudden disappearance of blonde bombshells Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield to the traumatic murder of pregnant star Sharon Tate, these notorious deaths are Tinseltown’s worst nightmares.

Hollywood dreams of stardom and glamor, but beneath the glow of Tinseltown lurks an ominous underbelly that has driven some of the brightest stars to their tragic end. Indeed, these famous celebrity deaths are not particularly haunting.

For example, there’s the notorious death of Hollywood stud James Dean, who died unexpectedly in a car crash months before the movie’s premiere. riot without causethis would solidify his A-list status.

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Then, as if his sudden death wasn’t devastating enough, fans who bought parts of his total car allegedly ignited their damn plan by committing suicide.

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Maybe the concept of curse isn’t so incredible, Dean’s Rebel lead actress Natalie Wood also makes this list of famous celebrity deaths. After being lost at sea one night in 1981, Wood’s body was found off California’s Santa Catalina Island.

While officials said her death was most likely accidental drowning, questions remained as to how she fell into the water in the first place, given the star’s fear of the sea.

From a quick life of alcohol and drugs to unfortunate accidents, suicide allegations and murder allegations, these Hollywood stars’ unhappy endings are almost as memorable as their careers.

The famous death of Marilyn Monroe surrounded by a conspiracy

Sex symbol Marilyn Monroe was the originator of the term “blonde bombshell” and started an archetype of fiery platinum blondes in 1950s Hollywood. But his legacy was interrupted by his famous death on August 4, 1962.

Among all the famous deaths, the death of Marilyn Monroe sparked a tabloid rage that has never been seen before in the City of Angels or the world.

Although his death is officially considered a suicide, decades later many suspect that it may not have been an accident or suicide, but rather politically murder.

But before she became one of the most famous deceased celebrities of all time, Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California, to a single mother, Norma Jeane Mortenson. She spent her childhood in foster families and was sexually abused many times during this time.

Spotted by a photographer while working at a munitions factory in 1944, Monroe eventually stepped into the entertainment world as a model and gained fame for her small film roles. In the 1960s, Monroe’s filmography was worth about $2 billion.

But Marilyn Monroe’s off-screen romances garnered as much attention as her on-screen personalities, and her extreme celebrity status fueled the devastating alcohol and drug use that has proven to be the downfall of many celebrity deaths.

“[She] Monroe’s close friend, James Bacon, drank champagne and vodka and took the occasional pill,” he recalls. “I said, ‘Marilyn, the combination of pills and alcohol is going to kill you.’ And she said, ‘It hasn’t killed me yet.’ Then she had another drink and another pill.

At her home in Los Angeles, Monroe is summoned by her maid, her psychiatrist, Dr. Found dead by Ralph Greenson. Monroe’s personal team described a gruesome scene where Monroe lay naked on her bed with her hand holding the phone and lay dead with a stack of prescription drugs strewn on her nightstand.

His death was initially considered an accidental overdose or possible suicide.

But questions about his death quickly arose. Although it is believed that Monroe died by suicide, no capsule was found in his body after the autopsy. His relatives also believed that if he had killed himself, he might have left a note.

Among the most famous conspiracies surrounding Monroe’s death is the alleged assassination of then-President John F. Kennedy’s brother, US Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Rumors of an affair between Monroe and JFK had circulated before his death, and some believed Robert wanted to prevent him from leaking excessive information about them to the press.

Others suspect that one of his employees killed the player with a lethal injection to make a fortune.

But a report released as part of a second investigation into his death in 1982 again ruled that it was a possible suicide. However, this report also said that investigators found “factual inconsistencies and unanswered questions” in their review.

Of all the famous deaths, Marilyn Monroe remains one of the best known, and the truth of her death, like many others, remains hidden in the shadows of Hollywood.

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