‘Shut up’: Juan and Lupillo Rivera rekindle their money-related disputes

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Jenni Rivera’s siblings still have issues, this time even screenshots and intentions from other businesses are on display

The brothers still have money problems (Photos: CUARTOSCURO)
The brothers still have money problems (Photos: CUARTOSCURO)

Siblings Juan Rivera and Lupillo Rivera clashed recently, the reason for their disagreement was the oversight that her deceased sister’s company faced. Jenni Rivera.

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Then, Chiquis Rivera reassured her uncles didn’t steal nothing, but for her sake, Lupillo Rivera He made a statement that angered his brother.

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“Oh, I don’t have a number daddy anymore, that’s all my dad has to deal with. Clean accounts and long friendships, it’s that easy. I wish my father and the record label the best in the world.” He mentioned Lupillo.

Juan Rivera felt that Lupillo was implying that he was a thief (Photo: Instagram/@lupilloroveraofficial)
Juan Rivera felt that Lupillo was implying that he was a thief (Photo: Instagram/@lupilloroveraofficial)
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After that, Juan Rivera showed him the amount that Lupillo had not paid him and said that he was extremely sorry that he felt he had been chosen specially. “thief” in the family:

“The reason I’m doing this live is this video, Lupe implies we’re going to rob my dad, Lupe, you better shut up, bro. You’ve already had enough fights for what you said six months ago. You know we’re going to run into each other sooner or later, you’re going to have to clarify what you’re saying.

On the other hand, if Lupillo wanted to have an intimate relationship with his nieces, he made sure it was because he wanted to do a series of Jenni Rivera.

He also posted a long post on his Instagram account where he talks about it. used to support the family but show his defense live on air :

“For a long time I defended my loved ones and let them crush me and now I even answer with MY LIFE and whoever wants to believe can believe! PEOPLE TALK TO SPEAK and forget a lot of things, but today I’m going to remind you of SOME THINGS (EVIDENCE). It seems like it CLEARS MEMORY and now “kindly” gives some good “ADVICE”, Wrote.

During this broadcast, he revealed that despite the difficulties of managing Lupillo’s career, it was going well for him because the concert dates weren’t sold out until 2018, so he decided to form a work team with an advertiser, the organizer. and social media people.

This is how he announced his live broadcast (Photo: Instagram/@juanriveramusic)
This is how he announced his live broadcast (Photo: Instagram/@juanriveramusic)

After the singer had problems with his equipment, Juan Lupillo says his manager is ‘useless’ her brother’s discomfort increased after arguing with Belinda because she didn’t want to give an interview Being asked about her ex made her sad.

Juan Rivera also revealed that Lupillo apparently asked his father for money to get into the marijuana business in California, United States, where it was illegal.

In this context, Lupillo Rivera defended himself against his brother’s accusations and said he had not even seen the video:

“The truth is, I didn’t see anything from that video, I think it should be like this (meeting without media) and not post it, but that’s how his videos work for him, God bless me and God help me. . take care,” he said of Sale el Sol.

Juan Rivera did not respond to his brother’s statements at this time. It should be noted that in May of this year, he had already announced it. Never again would I work with anyone from the Rivera Dynasty.

I think it is the healthiest. because look, I’m very demanding, there was a time when my brother (Lupillo) fell a lot, I hired Mario and told him that he had to start working every day, look for the positive things, delete the negatives. “, confirmed in front of the cameras.

Source: Info Bae

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