“Dancing with the Stars”: Will Anthony Colette return at the start of the school year? puts an end to doubts

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Released on Saturday, August 6, 2022, at 12:46 pm.

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With Fiona Gahimbare (DR)

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A few days ago, the dancer spoke of many changes…

This should continue to reassure audiences.” dance with the stars ! After a series of announced breakups and reordering of the jury for a few weeks, there was reason to wonder what the new edition would look like. This week, however, they announced their comeback, including several star dancers. Anthony Colette. The latter confirmed that she is joining the show again this year, thus putting an end to rumors about her departure. ” I must warn you that on these sunny days, for better or worse, I will be dancing soon… Late at night, in a rumba, and with a terrified star, we will try again this season. bring you joy. He promised on Instagram. He also said he was eager to get started before sending a message to his followers: “ I love you, see you very soon (can’t wait!!!) »

The dancer worried her fans during a question-and-answer session on her Instagram stories last week. When asked about her involvement in the season, she remained very vague and said: ” Many of you have asked this question, I understand you. As you may have noticed, there are a lot of changes for the next season of DALS… I can’t say anything for me at the moment. Frankly, he was just following the manufacturing guidelines and now it looks like he’s been given the green light to speak more clearly. This is also the case for Marie Denigot, who shared her frustration with her recent withdrawal from the competition. ” I should have disclosed that I am returning to DALS this summer. (…) Unfortunately, the celebrity living abroad, whom I am going to mate with, could not come to France a few days before the start of the training due to major family problems. “He trusted Instagram.

Season 12 that gets clearer

Returning dancers include Fauve Hautot, Jordan Mouillerac, Christophe Licata, Elsa Bois, Inès Vandamme, Candice Pascal and Katrina Patchett, alongside Anthony Colette. On the other hand, we will have to do without Maxime Dereymez, Christian Millette, Coralie Licata, Joël Luzolo, Adrien Caby, Samuel Texier and even Denitsa Ikonomova, who will ignore the jury. The latter will consist of Chris Marques, François, Bilal Hassani and Marie-Agnès Gillot. Note that for now, TF1 is very mysterious about their celebrity roster, with only Billy Crawford, Florent Peyre, Léa Elui, David Douillet, and Théo Fernandez announcing their participation. But many media invoke the presence of David Douillet, Eva Queen, François-Xavier Demaison, Emma Smet, former Miss France Amandine Petit or American actor Macaulay Culkin.

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