Werevertumorro saved his main YouTube channel: “It’s back!”

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The 32-year-old Mexican content creator shared his “werever2morro” account with over 23 million people who restored it.

(Photo: Instagram @werevertumorro)
(Photo: Instagram @werevertumorro)

While uploading content to their social networks is no longer one of their top interests, Gabriel Montiel better known Verevertumorro with the support of their first account YouTube X-raying how he became one of the first creators to create the biggest stir in Mexico in 2010 is a big step forward.

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The creator of the group at the time was in mid-July of this year. w2mcrew (wevertumorro team) reported a hack to his millions of followers He said he deleted several accounts years ago where he kept his content.

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When Panorama gets complicated and even with a clear resignation of the former Mexican football player to save his main account wever2morro on YouTube in your account Facebook It announced that just over 23 million streaming accounts had saved its platform.

Werevertumorro's main channel returns to YouTube Photo: Facebook/@werevertumorro
Werevertumorro’s main channel returns to YouTube Photo: Facebook/@werevertumorro
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I still can’t get the channel name but it’s back. Some videos are also missing, but they will be back gradually. In the post, which quickly became a trend on social networks, only Gaborever is missing one,” he wrote, adding more than 70,000 “likes” and a comment.

The 32-year-old Mexican comedian added a photo of himself (in the absence of restoring some of his videos) as part of his joy in saving his channel. Spider Man When Tobey Maguire returns to save his partner after losing his powers doctor octopus: “He’s back,” he added as a hint to recover his account.

Not surprisingly, her thousands of enthusiastic followers congratulated her for her account recovery. Verevertumorro : “YOTUBE REVIEWED TODAY”. “Actually, YouTube was reborn today.” “I’m going to throw out all the Pelusa Caligari now.” “Fuck YouTube revived today” are some of the reactions in the Facebook comment box.

As expected, thousands of enthusiastic followers celebrated the account's recovery (Photo: Twitter/ @werevertumorro)
As expected, thousands of enthusiastic followers celebrated the account’s recovery (Photo: Twitter/ @werevertumorro)

On August 3, Gabriel Montiel likewise gave a premise because he had announced it. got some accounts back your platform YouTube Via a meme in the style of “La Rosa de Guadalupe”.

The content creator wrote, “And this rose…” along with a photo of the channels he recovered from his Twitter account. Among them stood out: Wereverland, WereverUSA, WEREVER TOPS, Gabriel Montiel and GABOREVER SHORTS. ANDback then many people realized that it was the main, Verevertumorrowas not on the list.

It was just last July 25th. Gabo She announced to her thousands of fans that their accounts had been hacked in a tweet: “Hello!!!! Today I woke up hacked… @YouTubeLATAM @YouTubeMexico Could you please help me recover my channel, access and videos to the post with all channels there? please what WEREVERTUMOORRO they disappeared They are already uploading videos to ATULADOESMEJOR,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

This was the first version of the Werevertumorro videos promotion (Photo: YouTube/Werevertumorro)
This was the first version of the Werevertumorro videos promotion (Photo: YouTube/Werevertumorro)

Gabriel Montiel Thanks to its content and originality, it was possible to position itself as one of the first Mexican influencers in 2010. To the “first generation” Internet users who developed with YouTube.

With him w2mcrew (wevertumorro team), the children and young people who have left their mark on the digital generation who watch their videos for hours. A dultescentes, Pelusa Caligari, Mex-Men and Vida Cruel where humor and sarcasm dominate.

He is also remembered for his striking words instilled in the youth of those years: “Piripitiflaútica”, his classic salutation. “Hey! What pad*, puppies? How are they?” , “What fear are your sons!” Y “I had an orgasm with happiness.”

Source: Info Bae

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