Our Blackened Hearts: Are Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson a couple?

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Find out if the actors of Our Hearts Meurtris Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson are in a real-life relationship!

Our Blackened Hearts is on Netflix! if you want to know Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson are a couple, Keep reading! you can remember Nicholas Galitzin He attracted attention for his role as Tom in “The Beat Beneath My Feet” (2014) and as Johnnie Blackwell in High Strung in 2016. Click here to purchase the book.

Since then, the young British actor has not looked back and has stepped forward on the path to new success. Despite sophia carson She first rose to fame when she guest-starred on Disney Channel’s ‘Austin & Ally’, her portrayal of Evie in ‘Descendants’ made her famous in show business. Read this to find out if a sequel will ever come to light.

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Ever since she stepped on the stage, Sofia He continued to add feathers to his hat, starring in popular productions such as ‘Tini: The Movie’, ‘A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits’, ‘Feel The Beat’ and ‘Songbird’. To know the explanation of the end, here.

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Naturally, such a successful career and with her role as Cassie in the 2022 Netflix movie Our Broken Heartshave developed an interest in learning more about fans sophia carson. Besides, Nicholas Galitzin He released his first single “Comfort” in 2022. Naturally, interest in the actor and musician peaked in 2022 when he played the role of Luke. Our Broken Hearts. well Are Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson a couple? ?

Are Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson a couple?

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Despite Nicholas Galitzine The actress, who likes to talk about her family and show it on social media, has always preferred to keep her love life secret. However, it is interesting to note that when she talks about the reasons that led her to pursue her acting career: Nicholas Galitzin He said he liked a girl who was performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. So the actress got involved in movies to impress and get to know her which resulted in her finding an acting agency.

Again, Nicholas Galitzine He is quite friendly and often forms lasting bonds with the stars he works with. So it’s only natural for people to speculate about a romance, as the actor was rumored to be in a relationship with “Chambers” co-star Lilli Kay. The two actors neither confirmed nor denied these assumptions, but fans will be surprised to find out. Nicholas Galitzin While he is also linked to popular singer Camilla Cabello, his relationship with Gideon Adlon is a friendly one. So, at first glance, Nicholas Galitzine is currently not in a relationship. but instead he focuses on furthering his career.

The biggest speculation about his friend sophia carson It came to light in 2016 when the actress was linked to Sofía Vergara’s son, Manolo Gonzalez. When did the rumors appear? sophia carson She posted an adorable photo of herself with Manolo in December 2016. Here to find all the music from the movie.

More than a year later, in early 2018, Manolo documented how he crouched while holding his arms. sophia carson in your arms. While fans expressed their desire for the two to enter into a romantic relationship, neither confirmed nor denied the assumptions, and the rumors gradually subsided as the days passed. That being the case, Manolo and sophia carson seems like nothing more than good friends.

Nowadays, sophia carson He is determined to keep his private life private. So, it seems, sophia carson He is currently single and busy advancing his already illustrious career. You understand, Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson, the actors of Nos Coeurs Meurtris, are not in a relationship in real life!

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