Thalia thanks ‘Marimar’ support for ‘challenge’: ‘Having a good time’

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After his success with representing the iconic character of “Televisa”, the Mexican actor launched a viral challenge among “TikTok” followers.

Thalia, 'Marimar'
Thalia thanked her for her support of ‘Marimar’ ‘challenge’ (Photo: Instagram/@thalia)

In the first week of August, the famous Mexican translator Thalia she re-enacted one of the characters that catapulted her to stardom when she returned to the original dress she was wearing. TV for successful melodrama, Marimar (1994) who starred with edward capetillo .

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After the millions of comments she received, her performance quickly caused outrage among millions of users who congratulated the famous 50-year-old actress. came to do challenge your song Marimar , which went viral TikTok.

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This viral challenge consists of one person standing next to the other and one pulling the other’s hair when a full ‘scream’ is heard. Due to the success of Thalia’s dynamics through her Instagram account, she decided to post a video. showed his appreciation to his passionate fans.

Thalia thanked her followers for supporting Marimar Photo: Instagram/@thalia
Thalia thanked her followers for supporting Marimar Photo: Instagram/@thalia
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“Let’s talk about the videos of this ‘challenge’ my dears, I’m really in love with all the videos you’ve shared, but most of all, we’re having a good time, we Gathering to make Marimar’s hair-pulling ‘square’ woke up the singer of hits like ” Who cares, kill Y you didn’t teach me

Likewise, the Mexican producer explained that he was very happy to see all the people together with their loved ones and that it was the song of the successful production. TVto continue in their home.

Someone born in Mexico City on August 1 shocked fans by posting a video on his account. Instagram You can see her wearing the dress she wore almost 30 years ago for her character. Marimar. He said he found it there among his belongings. original dress did not hesitate to put it on the famous character.

The singer wore the original dress

“I could never have imagined that in my wildest dreams. this character would be a part of me for the rest of my life . And with good reason, of course, for putting all my heart, passion, and personal style into how to create my ideal beach girl, so a real part of me is forever embodied in every scene we film.” viral video.

During her audiovisual material, Thalia didn’t hesitate to talk about her preparation process to characterize herself as in the ’90s, as it was pretty challenging because she was on the San Ángel television station.

“How magical and how lucky it is to be able to share these feelings with and with the original admirers of our beauty. a new generation that has just discovered the rhythm of our beloved kostañita difficulties viral . I had a lot of fun doing this for all of you… I have to admit, I did it for myself too… and I am happy that there is something hidden in my heart.”

Thalia in the original dress she wore on Televisa 28 years later
Thalia recreated “Marimar” in the original dress she wore at Televisa 28 years later (Photos: Instagram/@thalia/@televisaespectaculos)

Marimar It is one of the most beloved soap operas in Televisa history and premiered 25 years ago. It released its first issue in the first half of 1994, under the seal of the San Ángel company.

Thalia’s production was probably the most popular of the “Marías Trilogy” and was a complete success, bringing the talented actress to international stardom.

At the end of 2021, the 25th anniversary of successful productions was celebrated, in this context, the main actors of the production met at the place where they remember the best moments of the melodrama and the great chemistry they established. Eduardo Capetillo and Thalia .

Source: Info Bae

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