‘La Academia’ production responded to people voting via bots: “These are not going to come together”

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Users on social networks condemned that some fans of the program resort to automation to support their favorites.

Network users went viral who rely on other apps to automate votes (Photos: laacademiatv/TikTok)
Network users went viral who rely on other apps to automate votes (Photos: laacademiatv/TikTok)

Academy: 20 years It is in its final stage and fans of the program can take advantage of the application below. Aztec TV To give unlimited votes to your favorite semi-finalist. However, recently several videos began to appear on social networks, which you can see. Some followers of the program were helping themselves with some technological tools to automate voting. and so give more numbers to your favourites.

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It was from a video TikTok as you can see a user putting four phones together, this has become more obvious and with the help of a boots managed to do each they will record the votes for Nelson. Also, in the audio of the clip, you can hear: “I want the machines to run 24 hours a day, as if this were a network.”

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After the clip went viral, its users excitement They shared this and were horrified by the behavior of some fans of the famous song contest:What do you think about voting this way? #Academy”. Unfortunately, what’s the point of student X winning if he doesn’t “really” have that support? They’ll be able to stay in a good place, even win the Academy, but what if they don’t go out and buy their records, go to their concerts, or trend? on different platforms” were some of the comments.


#guatemalan🇬🇷 #supportanelson#_tef_08

♬ original voice – Jennifer Minguez

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Given this, official account Academy inside excitement answered He pointed out the concerns of netizens and explained that they would not allow such action as their intention was to make the voting records as transparent as possible.

“The Academy’s voting system It has a security module, it is generated by bots, stopping counting votes detected. and not by the natural activity of a human,” reads the short commentary that starts the program.

Likewise, the public has been asked not to trust such a practice, as it could backfire for the show’s participants.

“If you really want to support a student, don’t use bots, these votes will not increase,” @LaAcademiaTV concluded.

The Academy has issued a statement (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter laacademiatv)
The Academy has issued a statement (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter laacademiatv)

Once again, the reactions from users of this social network were instant, and many could not believe what was said by the production. Aztec television.

I hope your system doesn’t fail… because I would like to know how they differentiate the votes from bots and real people like me who voted for Nelson about 260 to 300 in 1 minute 50 seconds. . “Don’t you have a budget for this?” “They pretended they didn’t put in the unlimited vote modality to fully show their millions of votes” were some of his words.

Songs of academics for this Saturday

Students must learn four songs to qualify for the semi-finals. To start, will be held on Saturday same dynamic took place last week So they’re all going to duet and eliminate each other until there’s only one left.

Semifinals will start this Saturday (Photo: Ig @laacademiatv)
Semifinals will start this Saturday (Photo: Ig @laacademiatv)

The duet thus formed Sea and Andrew will sing Mourn By Jesse & Joy and Mario Domm, who will take it to the next level Laura is not here Nek and will sing if someone reaches the end of the dynamic Blue by Christian Castro.

Cesia and Nelson they will sing you were By Ricardo Arjona. In the next stage they need to sing Here I am By Luis Fonsi and if one of them reaches the final they will comment Nothing will happen Jose Jose’s.

Ruby and Edward create the third duet to start with hanging on your hands By Carlos Baute and Marta Sánchez. Whoever goes to the next round will sing I saw it raining this afternoon Armando Manzanero and if one reaches the third stage they must sing love of your life Julion Alvarez’s photo.

Source: Info Bae

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