Do you feel like friends with celebrities? Here is the scientific explanation!

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If you think you know a celebrity personally, you are not alone! We explain to you.

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Do you also watch videos of influencers like Squeezie or Léna Situations and get the impression that they are among your friends? This phenomenon has a name: parallels. We decipher together!

What is a parasocial relationship?

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this parasocial relationships they are defined by an illusory relationship that only goes in one direction. And this includes not only influencers, but also actors, fictional characters, singers, etc. In other words, it is a relationship that concerns a person who goes through social media and is not even aware of this relationship.

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But why do we feel that the more we follow them, the more we become friends with them? In reality, it is a completely normal response of our brain. With the advent of social networks, following the stars on a daily basis, we have the impression that we know a lot about their lives and accordingly they know us in a certain way. Our brains are not yet developed enough to distinguish between a direct relationship and an online relationship. According to psychologists, parasocial relationships are very good ways to change for individuals who, contrary to what you might think, are unable to find social relationships!

Beyond this “friendly” relationship, these personalities can be role models or sources of inspiration. For example, this is the case with the Léna Situations mantra + = +. The influencer also published her book on the subject to send a message of self-acceptance, confidence and positivity:

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always more Lena Mahfuf

When celebrities initiate positive moves

A few years ago the “Hot Girl Summer” trend was started by the rapper. Meghan Thee Stalliongoal :

“Live your life with no regrets and know yourself as a woman”

In the continuation of this feminist movement born on TikTok, Wild Girl is Summer. in english, “wild” means wildThe goal is to be carefree, regain control of your freedom to think and do what you want, relax, be yourself free from the pressures imposed by society, and free yourself from physical dictates! Today #FeralGirlSummer invades the web and collects over 31 million views!

Unlike moves like Summer Body Goal or Bikini Body, Feral Girl Summer’s ideology is to accept yourself without feeling guilty. And above all, don’t be afraid of how others look at your body in summer. Therefore, celebrities can use their fame and special relationships with their fans to convey very positive messages and create real action.

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