Macarena Gómez and Antonio Pagudo from ‘La que se avecina’ have a nice reunion

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The distribution of the one that is coming It has changed a lot over the years. Its actors have had dozens of comings and goings of the series. Couples, friendships and enmities have been broken for the convenience of the actors. Although without a doubt one of the most remembered is that of Lola and Javi.

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One of the original couples of the series that had a lot of prominence in the first seasons. Antonio Pagudo decided to leave the series in season 11 due to discrepancies with the producer. Details of his departure never came to light.

Macarena Gómez and Antonio Pagudo meet again
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It seems that since then the actors have rarely seen each other. This is how Macarena Gómez has let it be seen on her Instagram, where she has uploaded a photo with Pagudo accompanied by a nice text. “I hadn’t seen you for years and yesterday was a very nice reunion. I had a great time as always,” she wrote.

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When both recorded the series together, they boasted of friendship on social networks. To the point that many believed and rumored that they were a couple. However, the two were already happily in love with each other.

They both made an iconic couple

long run

Life beyond ‘La que se avecina’

After his departure from the one that is coming Antonio Pagudo has continued to work, but much more calmly. The actor spent twelve years in one of the most successful series on television, something that must have produced benefits for him not to have financial worries for a while.

Since 2019, he has worked on few projects with a large audience. Everything indicates that the actor is only doing things that really make him excited. His last work came to light in 2020, he played Xabi in the series benidorm of Antenna 3.

Javi and Lola was one of the most important couples in the series

Macarena Gómez, for her part, has cultivated an extensive career without having left the one that is coming. She continues to play Lola until the last season, which was recently released on Telecinco.

Little by little she has become one of the most renowned actresses in our country. In 2015 she was nominated for a Goya for Best Leading Female Performance, for her role in the film Shrewssomething that consolidated her career as an actress outside of comedy.

After this has come a long career of films and the vast majority have given great prestige to the actress. Although her total consolidation has been thanks to the series 30 Coins, where her role as Merche de Ella has captivated both the public and the critics.

Source: Lavanguardia

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