‘I almost lost my temper’: RebeuDeter (Twitch) harassed by a subscriber, rocking

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Celebrities don’t always just have the good side, Billy alias RebeuDeter is the last to pay the price.

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Celebrities often run into fans that are a little too pushy or even downright creepy. The middle of Twitch is no exception. RebeuDeter alias Billy, who has become one of the most popular streamers on the platform, learned this the hard way. While live on Twitch, Billy told viewers about his surreal encounter with a very strange subscriber.

Rebeudeter and then a subscriber

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What happened ? If you’ve been following Billy, you know that the broadcaster resides in the broadcast studio of his friend and famous Youtuber Inoxtag, who is currently on vacation in South Africa. As a reminder, the Inox studio is located on Webedia in Levallois-Perret.

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This detail is important to the rest of the story, as it’s not uncommon to see small groups of subscribers waiting outside the building hoping to meet a celebrity. Like this Billy explains that a subscriber, who he estimates to be 16 years old, waited all alone outside the building until late at night. :

It waits for people to enter or exit. I, he caught me. He stuck with me, asked me a lot of questions. He broke my balls, followed me at least 3 times.

A surreal discussion around Twitch and Youtube

Billy, who was accused of being different in real life by this very persistent subscriber, “thought he was angry” but still took the time to explain to himself:

“You have to understand in the video, we’re making it a little more active, that’s normal. But I’m still a pretty natural person. I kill myself saying that to him and he doesn’t get it. I’m not that kind of guy. he’s exaggerating to death, and I’m not overly excited.” then he finishes off the bored Billy.

Fortunately, the discussion will end here and Billy will manage to get rid of him, but this story will have exhausted the publisher enough to interrupt his life. RebeuDeter will apologize to its viewers shortly, as can be seen from the tweet below.

Sorry for the concerned majority who are just there to enjoy life, I deprived you of a moment of relief and it’s my fault. I’ll come back stronger in a few days to cure you, kiss la miff

— Billy ☄️🧡 (@RebeuDeter) 10 August 2022

Source From: Google News

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