Gabriel Soto explains why he canceled his wedding with Irina Baeva

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The actor gave indications of a place where the connection could occur when plans resume.

Celebrities have a solid relationship (Photo: Instagram/@irinabaeva)
Celebrities have a solid relationship (Photo: Instagram/@irinabaeva)

despite the love between Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva A few months ago, the couple surprised the news that they had canceled the wedding. But while this didn’t announce a breakup between the two, it didn’t take long for rumors to surface.

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In this case, during the interview windowing, soap opera heartache broke the silence and admitted why I had to postpone the date for to unite in marriage with his lover.

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“All are very good, wonderful, happy happy, I already know that they are going to ask about the wedding, it was interrupted due to the conflict in Russia and Ukraine, we know this and we are waiting for the end of the novel and everything becomes a little clearer,” he said.

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And it should be noted that Irina’s family lives in Russia, because what is the armed conflict currently affecting that area, It worries them.

They had to cancel their wedding before due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Photo: Instagram/@irinabaeva)
They had to cancel their wedding before due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Photo: Instagram/@irinabaeva)

But not everything was sad for Gabriel Soto, because he is still very much in love and waiting for the right moment to complete his wedding. In that sense, the prospect of holding the ceremony in Yucatan excited him. Mexican.

“Yeah why not? haciendas, beaches have it all, cenotes, let me pull out the pen, Now that I’m back in Mexico, I’m going to write it down on a piece of paper and talk to Irina.” aforementioned.

Gabriel Soto and Irina had to postpone their wedding for the second time, the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to an interview with the actor You are my Destiny a TV a few months ago, the ceremony would take place this year or This is how the couple guessed at the time.

Artists are so in love
Artists are so in love

not happening this year Well, we are waiting. The epidemic has come and this is it now. These are things out of our hands, but in the end yes we want to wait a bit for it to lighten up A little conflict and now they can travel with peace of mind,” he said.

On this occasion, Gabriel added that they were also excited about what could happen after the wedding because while he was hoping to become a father for the third time, Irina was dreaming of it. start a family . That’s why Gabriel assured that the two are making an effort to celebrate their union this year.

They criticize Irina Baeva for “scoring” Gabriel Soto

Social network users criticized Irina Baeva for allegedly scolding Gabriel Soto during a meeting with the media at the end of last June.

And after being approached by reporters, Irina was reluctant to testify.

They all want to know, I won’t tell them… let’s go to work, they all want to know. ”, said Irina, a little annoyed. “We’re going to study, we’re going to a Univision event…” the actor began when his girlfriend interrupted him unexpectedly: “don’t say ”, unleashing nervous laughter among those present. “They want to know everything and you all count “, added.

The video was taken at: Instagram formal of the come joywhere Some platform users noted that the actress’s comment was not only rude for interrupting her husband, but also seemed like a scolding.

Source: Info Bae

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