Good Deed Day: ‘I had to think about who and what I was’

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Posted inMay 14, 2022 at 11:12

Andreas Giovanni Käppeli cleans the Rhine in a suit every Saturday and Sunday morning. He never takes off his ceremonial clothes, even in the private sphere.

Wearing a bright orange coat and a blue jacket, Andreas Käppeli is in Basel’s St. Johann greets the journalist of “20 minutes” on his pier with a smile on his lips. With an inimitable style, this 58-year-old urban cleaner is a local celebrity. Wearing his noble cloth, Andreas Käppeli voluntarily cleans the banks of the Rhine on weekends.

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“I wanted to give back to society some of what they gave me,” says Andreas, now on an AI pension. In “work uniform” it is a real eye-catcher. At the nearby bar, people turn around as he passes. An old man even asks him if he can take a picture of the urban cleaner.

“Is there a better way to say thank you?”

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Andreas explains: “After a depression and a stay in a psychiatric clinic, I had to think about who I am and what I am: the coat and the hat are part of that.” She wears her costumes every day. This volunteer adds: “I clean the bathroom and garden with it.” People appreciate the way he dresses. His devotion has already brought him many good times: “Once I came to the pier, people applauded and whistled with joy. Is there a better way to say thank you?

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Alongside his voluntary clean-up work on the Rhine, Andreas Käppeli is a support center for people with depression, this year he is running an art project and using his passion, photography.

Under this slogan, we will take action for good cause all over Switzerland on the occasion of the “Day of Kindness” on 21 May. Take part alone with your family, sports team or charity and share your experience on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #DayOfGoodAction. You can find all the published content as well as additional information about the “Day of Kindness” by clicking on it. this link.

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