Mélanie Gonzalez (Extended Families) explains all about her health problem

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Mélanie Gonzalez modest speaks thanks to Franck

Mélanie Gonzalez: Invited by Jordan de Luxe, the two lovers get the opportunity to talk about their experiences on television on the hit TF1 show Families Numerous. But the two lovers seize the opportunity to address a serious and more serious issue: Melanie’s health problems.. It is Franck who decides to launch himself and speaks openly. little problem heart » from his wife: « He doesn’t say but there is a cure“.

Alongside Franck, Mélanie spoke immediately to reassure people who were worried for her life: “I have a tricuspid so there is a malformation of the aorta, but everything is fine. I just got a cure for lifeShe discovers this malformation late in her life, as news falls on her is when she gives birth to her fourth child, Paolo.

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She admits that she quickly gasps when she makes the effort, but thankfully she doesn’t suffer from major heart problems every day: ” I am being followed by a gynecologist and everything is fine. Pregnancy does not interfere with anything, does not aggravate anything. There are people who live with it their whole life, and there are people who need surgery. You just have to watch, be careful. »

Learning that she was sick, Mélanie had four children.

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This disease, which requires treatment, does not prevent the mother from giving birth several times. Because after Paolo came four more small children to raise the family. Moreover, Mélanie can count on a husband to be present. ” At every birth, every important moment of life, I always try to separate it.“said the father with his wife “a war machine“.

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He even hopes that in the future he will be able to detach himself more than he does today: ” I’m trying to tell him to be a little more comfortable at home, less interested in cleaning and tidying up, rest a little, take an afternoon nap. He needs to take time to take care of himself. But he’s too fussy, too meticulous, and makes too many to-do lists for himself.. »

But I’m not sure she’ll find time to rest soon, as the woman is open to the idea of ​​having another child: “We are already working hard! But I don’t say anything because every time we tell our friends it’s over, it’s the end… and I’m pregnant in three months! » The mother does not hide this: “I love giving birth, I find it very beautiful, it’s magic, the best moments of my life”.

A charitable program, but offended by many critics

Originally, the TF1 program was used to show how large families organize themselves daily to live well. It takes a real sense of organization and it’s always interesting to see each other’s tricks so you don’t get screwed. Thanks to the show, some mothers become stars and are massively followed on social networks.

But the medal of fame has its upside, and criticism is plentiful. They are accused of earning their living with pocket money and not educating their children well, and they are criticized for their appearance. And sometimes they’re directly threatened, like the big star of the show, Amandine Pellissard. On social networks, he approached the subject by stating that he did not want to let things run their course:

“Alexander will complainhe announces. We got help from people who were on the air and working at La Poste. Because we had questions about the envelope of this curious letter. There was no date and it was not stamped”. The family thinks they quickly discovered how this letter ended up in their mailbox: We put it on conditional but potentially someone working at the ranking center in Ales. Even our postman found it weird. The letter was obviously delivered directly to his tour box.”.

Source From: Google News

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