La Bebeshita attacked for denying knowing Arturo Carmona, but she showed “proof”

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The host was upset that the actor was sure that he did not know her, but he could even confirm that they had several dates.

"La Bebeshita", Carmona
“La Bebeshita” was upset to see how Carmona denied knowing her (Photos: Instagram @alexissoy @arturo.carmona)

After that little baby admit that you are To go outside with Arthur Carmona actor denied knowing her causing the anger of the server come joyallegedly pointing to make multiple conquests .

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Presidency of the Assembly on Saturday, May 14 come joy He tried to confirm that it was Arturo Carmona and Daniela Alexis, known as little baby, romantically flirting; however, the actress assured that she did not have the pleasure of meeting the presenter and you just heard it for programs it collaborates with, but “I don’t even know who you are” I said.

“Firstly, I don’t have the pleasure of meeting him . makelittle baby? No, I don’t have the pleasure of meeting him and no, not so far, I don’t even know who you are, with all due respect , but well, I say, I’m used to rumors. No, it doesn’t piss me off because in the end I’ve got girlfriends I don’t know There were some that I didn’t know very well, so I got used to it”

The actress said that she does not know who La Bebeshita is and has never dated him.
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She assured him that she had no reason to deny her conquests, so if she was dating Alexis, she would have agreed without further ado.

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“I’m not one of those people who hide who they are dating or hanging out with, on the contrary, I don’t want to be rejected , then, no; If that were the case, I would have no harm in telling you: ‘Well, yes, I’m dating someone. little baby‘ but I don’t know who you are little baby“, added.

While presenting their statements come joyAlexis reacted in astonishment with her cell phone in hand as she pointed out that she had the necessary evidence to prove it to the public. dated Carmona a few times.

“The truth is that I think it tastes very bad. dating someone… okay, we weren’t boyfriends, we knew each other, we were dating, neither dinner, nor blabla. I find this very bad, as if it were ungentlemanly: ‘Oh, you know? I don’t know you or anything else'”

The presenter said that she went out with the actor several times and that they would even exchange kisses.

made it clear they were not boyfriends and they’ve been dating for at least three weeks, but I didn’t expect her answer to be to ignore her completely because, in fact, they kissed in some cases and they went to public places such as shopping malls and restaurants.

To check if he’s telling the truth, showed the speech That he was with Carmona, where you can see a few photos and videos that Alexis and Arturo sent each other. So the driver said for himself the only reason he denied it was because: there are other conquests .

we weren’t boyfriends Of course we weren’t dating, but we dated, we lived together. I mean, yes there was a kiss but for him “You know? I don’t even know you”. I realized why later, he has his reasons, I guess so, I don’t know, he has to go out with other girls

Daniela showed off her conversation with Carmona (Photo: screenshot/Twitter)
Daniela showed off her conversation with Carmona (Photo: screenshot/Twitter)

Alexis explained felt excited The host said that what she least expected was to hear these comments from their new conquest, who could tell they were just friends.

“Something like ‘Yeah we’re dating, we’re friends’, something like that (…) and something else is ‘I don’t even know him’, so really I can not believe this (…) You meet a person and they look at you, they say, ‘I’m a gentleman, I like you, you have to go out’, bla bla bla, like a gentleman, because they are standing right in front of you. comes out and suddenly you hear this, what I was shocked Daniela commented.

Finally, little baby admitted that the actor’s statements hurt him because “yes i’m excited (…) And what do we live? yes i am alive He broke my heart “, I said.

Source: Info Bae

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