Eurovision 2022: Ukraine wins competition with group Kalush Orchestra, France ranks second to last with Alvin and Ahez

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The Ukrainian group was a big favorite of the competition.

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Next year, the Eurovision Song Contest will probably not be held in Kyiv. However, thanks to their songs, it was the group Kalush Orchestra who won the 66th Competition in Turin, Italy on Sunday, May 15th. StephaniaThe Eurovision record of 439 points was earned, reaching a total of 631 points, which was praised by the general public.

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The Calche Orchestra, its folk rhythm and its rap part are the successors to the Italian group Maneskin. The UK and Spain have won the podium of the contest, which features the support of the Ukrainian arts community. At the end of his title, a singer from the Karsh Orchestra Group announced his support for the besieged fighters at the Azofustari factory in Mariupol.

France, which was close to victory last year thanks to Barbara Pravi and her song “Voila”, is unfortunately ranked 24th and the penultimate with 17 points. Only Germany, which is listed at the bottom of the table, is deteriorating by 6 points.

Source: Francetvinfo

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