RTL GUEST – Fianso: “Where we come from, we forbid ourselves many things”

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Everything he touches turns to gold. Poet, rapper, comedian and actress Sofiane Zermani, whom everyone calls Fianso, has achieved a series of successes. It is on display Under influence of on Netflix. It’s just The world’s most watched movie on the American platform. The 36-year-old wants to send a message of hope, “When younger people say to me ‘you inspire me’, ‘you give me so much hope’, ‘you help me get up in the morning’, I’m so happy about it,” says Focus Sunday’s guest on RTL .

Taking advantage of her fame and her reporting in the media, she wants to send a message: “Don’t leave anything on your journey, first of all, don’t be afraid. Because we forbid the places we come from. We find ourselves doing a lot.” He left school at the age of 15 to work in markets with his father. and he wants to use his “legitimacy” to change the situation for those living in difficult neighborhoods and desolate rural areas: “Anything is possible. Focus on the positive, above all try to be happy.”

“We introduced the younger generation to a work”

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In 2022, after years of successful shows and topping the charts, he presents a César during the 47th ceremony at the Olympia in Paris. Sofiane Zermani always motivated by “love of words and art in general”. He sang The Great Gatsby at the Avignon Festival in 2018, and it was a success for him: “Moreover, we’ve introduced a work to a younger generation many of whom have never heard of before. Speak. I wish that was it, it’s already a great triumph.”

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However, access to culture is not easy in disadvantaged neighborhoods. But still local actors fighting to get us to the games. I remember when I first went on stage to rap, it was a workshop at my local Mission of Blanc-Mesnil in my city. We were taken to Bagnolet in one scene to sing about Antonin Artaud.”

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