Krafton Proposes Hyperrealist Virtual Presence Ana

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Creator of the popular Battle Royale PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Krafton has developed the first virtual asset powered by “hyperrealism, hardware, and deep learning.” The character’s name is ‘Ana’ and according to reports, it was developed using the Unreal engine, which is a high-end 3D graphics tool. Hyperrealistic Virtual Asset ‘Master’, Web 3.0

The creation of the virtual human Ana

With the creation of “Main”, Krafton is likely aiming to break into the Web 3.0 ecosystem. “ANA proudly displays a hyper-realistic look, blurring the lines between a digital character and a real person. With human features such as baby hair and hair on her skin, ANA truly resembles other virtual humans in existence now, thanks to other technologies,” wrote Krafton.

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#PUBG女子its creators built a “hyper-realistic” #virtualhuman He named it Main to facilitate the implementation of the Web3 ecosystem. PUBG’s parent company #Krafton She says she hopes to make Ana famous to attract Gen Z’s attention and popularity.

— World Affairs (@WorldAffairs01) 16 June 2022

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Krafton’s mocked photo of Ana highlights the level of detail required to create the virtual human. It can easily be confused with a real person. The power of technology will help Ana become nothing more than a celebrity and attract the attention of people from all over the world. The creators will also find a “unique story arc” that will make it popular with virtual characters.

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Switch to the Web 3.0 generation

Web 3.0 – the third generation evolution of web technologies is the future of advanced and advanced virtual platforms. Since this uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, the concept is tied to decentralized blockchain technology. Gaming and social media platforms are trying to expand their metadata base and add an NFT layer by creating a virtual immersive world.

“Krafton’s unrivaled technology has produced ANA, a hyper-realistic virtual person. We anticipate that this will attract the attention and popularity of Generation Z worldwide,” said Josh Seokjin Shin, Director of the Krafton Center for Creativity. “Ana will release an original piece of music and expand her sphere of influence as an influencer in multiple fields encompassing entertainment and esports,” Shin said.

Source From: Google News

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